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Renovate Your Home’s Plumbing to Work Perfectly

Are pipes leaking in your home? Are you dealing with issues stemming from decades old plumbing? It may be time to consider having new plumbing installed throughout your home. At Southern Service, our skilled plumbers have extensive hands-on experience to tackle your home plumbing issues quickly and at a fair price. Call today to schedule your service appointment and get started solving your piping problems.

Dial (615) 412-5151 now to schedule your service appointment with Southern Service. You can also contact our team online.

When Your Home Needs Pipe Repair

Weather in Tennessee is fairly mild. For most people, this means their pipes don’t expand and contract the way they might in areas with colder winters. As a result, home piping can last much longer, leading to wear on the inside that can leave drinking water contaminated with metals and other minerals. In other cases, the pipes themselves may begin to wear down to the point of leaking, causing flooding and other water damage.

Southern Service can replace your pipes with new, high-quality materials such as:

  • PEX: A newer material, these pipes are easy to install, fix, they are more durable than most other materials and they are more forgiving in variable weather conditions.
  • Copper: As the hypoallergenic choice of builders, copper is resistant to bacteria and lasts longer than almost any other material.

Whether or not you need repiping is a question best left up to our plumbing experts. Call Southern Service today to schedule your service appointment.

What is Involved in Repiping a House?

Considering repiping your house? Here's what you can expect:

  • Repiping is a construction process, so there will be a lot of activity in your home for at least a few days or more.
  • You don't have to be home while work is being completed, but you may stay home if you wish.
  • Since your pipes are being changed out, the water supply will have to be turned off during the day.
  • We respect your home by laying down plastic sheeting to protect your furniture and flooring.
  • After work is completed, we'll handle all of the final inspections to ensure that there are no leaks or other issues.

Same-Day Service Available

Dealing with leaky pipes right now? Get started on fixing the problem by calling our local Murfreesboro plumbers today. We are A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau and have received many glowing reviews from customers; we are eager to help you get the care and service you need for your home plumbing issues.

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  • I cant even begin to thank him for his service today! I highly recommend!!

    “Something that could have been a very costly and time-consuming ordeal ended up being a fairly easy fix.”

    - Amy B.
  • Within 3 hours of initial call a technician was here.

    “The work was fantastic, technician had a wonderful attitude and you could tell he was there to help us.”

    - Daniel L.
  • Thanks so much for saving us from our Christmas weekend emergency! :)

    “Very nice and super easy to work with.”

    - Tanja C.
  • Five stars are not enough to express the quality of service I received from these guys! Five stars are not enough to express the quality of service I received from these guys!

    “I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY! Will definitely be using them for all my future needs.”

    - Leslee N.
  • Five-star customer service!!

    “Highly recommend him to anyone who has plumbing issues.”

    - Brenda G.