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A clogged drain can make for a troubling day. If you are facing issues that stem from a clogged sewer, your whole house can experience problems. You need fast help from expert plumbers who can diagnose the problem and get you back to properly functioning plumbing. Call Southern Service today for same-day drain cleaning in Murfreesboro. With over 30 years of shared experience, we’ve seen just about everything and can help get your plumbing in order right away!

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Taking care of a clog requires more than just the right equipment. Your plumber needs experience to accurately diagnose the problem and provide you with the right solution. Our skilled Murfreesboro plumbers know what to do in tough situations, and we are ready to handle any clogs you have.

You should call Southern Service if you notice:

  • Slow drains
  • Multiple drains backing up
  • Bad smells coming from your drains
  • Flooding in the basement
  • Gurgling sounds when draining

While clogs in a drain can come from hair, paper, or other debris, sewer line issues can develop from things like grease and even tree roots. These problems require heavy equipment to cut through the clogs and get water flowing again. Call Southern Service to schedule your service appointment.

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When you call Southern Service, you get a team of local professionals committed to ensuring you have the resources and knowledge you need to solve your problems. Our team serves Nashville, Smyrna, Murfreesboro, and the surrounding areas. Get help from our experienced plumbers today to learn more about how we can help.

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  • I cant even begin to thank him for his service today! I highly recommend!!

    “Something that could have been a very costly and time-consuming ordeal ended up being a fairly easy fix.”

    - Amy B.
  • Within 3 hours of initial call a technician was here.

    “The work was fantastic, technician had a wonderful attitude and you could tell he was there to help us.”

    - Daniel L.
  • Thanks so much for saving us from our Christmas weekend emergency! :)

    “Very nice and super easy to work with.”

    - Tanja C.
  • Five stars are not enough to express the quality of service I received from these guys! Five stars are not enough to express the quality of service I received from these guys!

    “I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY! Will definitely be using them for all my future needs.”

    - Leslee N.
  • Five-star customer service!!

    “Highly recommend him to anyone who has plumbing issues.”

    - Brenda G.